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At The Distant Desk, we are dedicated to saving you time and money by improving your business and productivity.

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About US

The Distant Desk is a full-service Virtual Assistant

In today's competitive market, your growing business needs support. The Distant Desk is a full-service Virtual Assistant, offering top-quality services. My skills drive productivity, no matter what industry you’re in. Contact me today to see what The Distant Desk can do for you.

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Melissa Morris

CEO, Founder, and Virtual Assistant, Melissa Morris is a native English speaker from Canada, currently residing overseas in Thailand. Melissa has 20 years of administrative and marketing experience, predominantly in the real estate industry, making The Distant Desk the right choice for all your marketing and administrative needs.




Administrative and Marketing 


Our Services

Committed to Your Business

Real Estate Services

Commercial, residential, and property management. Including Offers, Listings, FINTRAC, Matrix, and much more.

Marketing Services

Newsletters, Blogs, Website Updates, Postcards, and much more! 

Database Management

Update your database with clients and transactions to keep it systemized efficiently.

Social Media

Social Media management, content creation, website updates, online advertising.

Our Services
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What Clients Say


 Anne T

Melissa is super detailed. I can trust her explicitly to help me with my paperwork and she often catches mistakes or typos before I do. I highly recommend reaching out to her to help you with your real estate business.

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S. Tang

Melissa is a real joy to work with! She was quick to learn and take on feedback. She worked incredibly hard, and I found her to be reliable, resourceful, and responsive with every task. Most of all, I appreciate her genuine enthusiasm for my brand and support for my vision. I always felt supported with her on my team.

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