52 Services a Virtual Assistant Can Help You With

52 Services a VA Can Help You With

Maybe you've heard the term “virtual assistant” or “VA”, but you aren't exactly sure what it means.

VA’s work remotely and are self-employed, independent contractors that provide professional assistance to their clients. They are not considered an employee. You can hire a VA to complete a one-time job, or hire them monthly to do things like check email, respond to social media comments, or proofread blog posts for you.

The need for VA’s has grown and will continue to grow as more businesses move online. By working with a VA, you have the potential to save money on training, employee benefits, and additional office space. Hiring a VA is definitely not an expense, but a return on investment once you find the right VA.

So, what can a VA do for you? I have listed 52 services a VA can help you with (or, services you can offer if you are thinking about becoming a VA!!)


  1. Data entry
  2. Drafting letters or emails

  3. Calendar management

  4. Scheduling appointments

  5. Making travel arrangements

  6. Event planning

  7. Online research

  8. Contact management

  9. Document Conversions

  10. File management (such as DropBox or Google Drive)

  11. Processing orders or refunds

  12. Operating live chats

  13. Updating member records

  14. Chasing outstanding invoices

  15. Setup of email accounts like Gmail

  16. Email management

  17. Creating blog graphics

  18. Creating blog posts

  19. Keyword research

  20. Minute taking

  21. Video editing

  22. eBook editing

  23. Setup/maintain CRM systems

  24. Proofreading

  25. Copywriter

  26. Sales funnel expert

  27. Facebook ads

  28. Social media setup and manager

  29. ConvertKit, Mailchimp, Aweber specialist

  30. Accounting and Bookkeeping

  31. Presentation design

  32. Pinterest specialist

  33. Moderating blog comments

  34. Webinar creation

  35. Creating custom reports

  36. Monitoring voicemails

  37. Phone answering service

  38. Press releases

  39. Translation Services

  40. Landing page creation

  41. Resume writing

  42. Logo design

  43. Ghostwriting

  44. Powerpoint Presentations

  45. Monitoring and responding to social media comments

  46. Pitching brands

  47. Checking and analyzing analytics reports

  48. Adding videos to YouTube

  49. Affiliate management

  50. SEO maximization

  51. Real estate assistant

  52. Transcription

This is DEFINITELY not a be-all and end-all list, friends! That is the great thing about being a VA. If you can think it up, chances are a VA can do it. With the creation of technology and access to almost unlimited Internet and computer/iPad/iPhones galore, almost anything can be done remotely.

Just remember, a VA is there to help take tasks off your plate and make your life easier so you can focus on the things you love to do....like grow your business!

Already a VA? What services do you offer?

52 VA services to offer